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Crisis Management

BT EXP. GLOBAL is dedicated to excellence and committed to providing the highest quality service to get the job done. We can handle anything and everything;  crisis management,  government disaster recovery projects, environmental emergencies, housing  missions, waste management, emergency logistics and transportation, or open  water recovery projects.

BT EXP. GLOBAL has the manpower, knowledge, and resources to respond to any size and type of situation. Whether installing 30 homes after a tornado or cleaning an entire gulf of oil, BT EXP. GLOBAL is the right  company for the job.

BT EXP. GLOBAL offers crisis management, consulting, and remediation services to companies in a broad range of industries world-wide. Our clients include Fortune 500 Firms as well as small and medium-sized regional businesses.

We are   committed to providing outstanding service and support to help our clients proactively manage this important facet of their business.

We have many equipment options for all of your project needs, from environmental safety services to on-site waste disposal & products that fit all EHS facets. Local and regional support and maintenance for all clients as well as  partnerships with major industry firms.

We have received a Letter of Commendation from CH2MHILL, and a letter from O’Brien’s.

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CH2MHILL Letter of Commendation

Letter from Obriens